As an intensely driven artist, Victoria Gugenheim's work is constantly evolving. Exhibitions provide a prime opportunity for the evolution of her work to be showcased, with each one crafted to be markedly different to the last as she pushes her artistic endurance and skill ever further.


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 2018: Blood on their lands, UK

 Announcement coming soon.


2018: Refugee circus:divine castaways

Georgia, Atlanta

Exploring the nature and fluidity of water and what it means to humanity, this one off exhibition with the Refugee Circus Collective sees Gugenheim create not just hybrid works of digital and body art, but explores brand new multimedia iterations of her craft. Join the mailing list below to receive updates and information on where to buy tickets.

april 2018- new frankenstein, london science museum

Working alongside award winning shakespearian actress emily carding, victoria creates a living work of art exploring destruction, creation and artificial Generalised intelligence in relation to the human condition as part of the london science museum's exhibition on the reinterpretation of frankenstein.



2018: Gugenheim & Frost: Neon Beasts


2018: Gugenheim & co:
Hybrid Theory


2019: The SCience Fantastic

Exploring our relationship with awe and wonder in a scientific context, Gugenheim uses a veritable forest of information to create beautiful works that educate, inform and inspire. Signings will be held for a limited time.


2019: Avante Beasts


2019: Gods and Monsters: Lust for power


2019: Wonder


2020: Gugenheim and martins: EPOCH


2020: Auslander


2020: Aliens

2021: TBA