Victoria gugenheim


World Award Winning Bodypainter, World Ranking MUA, fine artist, Activist and SciArtist

Classic Gugenheim

Victoria Gugenheim's signature works of makeup and bodyart that embody science, sci fi, fantasy, fashion and freethought, from private fine art commissions to paints for events, campaigns and brands.

Blacklight Gugenheim


Neon lights and fluoro colours are Victoria's natural domain. Here, bodies become a mixture of science and fantasy, working alongside 3D UV technology to create otherworldy spectacles; perfect for any time you need to make a statement. Her 3D work has been seen in Channel 4's The Superhuman Body Handbook, The London Olympics, Cyberdog, and the World Bodypainting Festival; coming 3rd place as part of a team with Wolf's Bodymagic. Collaboration is an integral part of Victoria's process, believing that it's these partnerships and bonds that create truly incredible work.

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As an intensely driven artist, Victoria Gugenheim's work is constantly evolving. Exhibitions provide a prime opportunity for the evolution of her work to be showcased, with each one crafted to be markedly different to the last as she pushes her artistic endurance and skill ever further.


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2018: Refugee circus:divine castaways

Georgia, Atlanta

Exploring the nature and fluidity of water and what it means to humanity, this one off exhibition with the Refugee Circus Collective sees Gugenheim create not just hybrid works of digital and body art, but explores brand new multimedia iterations of her craft. Join the mailing list below to receive updates and information on where to buy tickets.

april 2018- new frankenstein, london science museum

Working alongside award winning shakespearian actress emily carding, victoria creates a living work of art exploring destruction, creation and artificial Generalised intelligence in relation to the human condition as part of the london science museum's exhibition on the reinterpretation of frankenstein.



2018: Gugenheim & co:
Hybrid Theory

De Balie, 30th August - 1st September 2019

Victoria creates an interactive protest art piece for DeBalie, touring #99RedBalloons

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Announcement coming soon.

november 2019: wounded (TBC) UK/international tour

2020 neon beasts

2020: The SCience Fantastic

Exploring our relationship with awe and wonder in a scientific context, Gugenheim uses a veritable forest of information to create beautiful works that educate, inform and inspire. Signings will be held for a limited time.

 March 2020: immortal enemies exhibition premiere

Detailing the trials and tribulations of breast cancer survivors, their families and their allies, this exhibition is starting in the UK and moving across Europe and the USA. Intimate portraits combine with 3D UV works and live interaction to bring about a greater understanding of the disease, as well as the hope and sometimes, even joy of the survivors of breast cancer. Castings open. To apply as a survivor, sufferer, ally or friend, email to be considered. This exibition is an evolving one, and will be added and expanded upon accross the tour.

2021: Gods and Monsters: Lust for power


2021: Wonder


2021: Gugenheim and martins: EPOCH


2021: Auslander


2022: Aliens

2023: TBA





Gugenheim takes triple residency


Victoria Gugenheim has been awarded the status of resident artist for CEMB, The One Law for All Campaign, and The International Secular Humanist Conference. In line with Victoria's activism and fighting for human rights and freedoms, Her work now extends to public art and protests, going beyond bodypaint as a tool of exploration and mere beautification. Now, it is a tool of liberation.


Gugenheim becomes resident artist at gibraltar bodypainting festival

Victoria Gugenheim has been awarded Resident Artist and Judge at The Gibaltar Bodypainting Festival. After a resounding success in their 2017 festival funded by the Gibraltar Cultural Association, Victoria is proud to be on their team, creating public demonstrations, masterclasses, workshops, public art, judging and much, much more.



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So Who is Victoria Gugenheim, Exactly?



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Drawing before she could talk, starting makeup at age 6, progressing to face and bodypainting at 9, Victoria Gugenheim has always had an intense drive to create. Deeply studious and compulsively curious, it is this intense need to understand the world around us that fuels her desire to create beautiful works that provoke a reaction, and make people think. Her drive is to understand why we do what we do, and how we can become more than we are.

Through her questioning of the world and her research into art and our origins, she has become passionate about the necessity of, and merges, art with science. She believes art and science share a common ancestor with the human imagination, and without imagination there can be no hypothesising.  Art is the first visual, material, tangible “What if?” that humanity had, and it started 300,000 years ago deep in the caves near the twin Zambini Rivers of Zimbabwe. There, Homo Heildelbergenesis created the first known art; art on the human body. This was used for rituals, accessing altered states of consciousness, tribal hierarchies, and more besides. The key was its immediate, visceral effect that had the capacity to transform our ancestors into greater versions of themselves. After learning of this, she was hooked on bodypainting and makeup for good.

 Victoria’s art, both mainstream and alternative, has been part of a lifelong quest of both adorning and “de-othering” people through art, public speaking and personal aesthetic choice, and understands that when someone others another human being, it dehumanizes them, objectifies them and makes them a target for everything, from stereotyping at best to at worst, victims of violence, poverty and death; This is most oftentimes caused by fear born of ignorance. Through connecting art, science, visual representations of the self, human rights activism and questioning what we can become both aesthetically and intellectually, Victoria has carved a niche that no other artist to date has dared step into.

Fully committed to living her art, Victoria is not afraid of standing out in the crowd, and encourages others to raise their voices and be heard in a world which cherishes the average over the individual. She believes that only with the realisation of yourself and a willingness to connect with others without othering them, can humanity progress.

Her art ranges from bodypainting, makeup, photography, performances, installations, digital art, clothing design, drawing and painting, merging with science and technology. Never wanting to be limited, she sought out any media necessary to make a concept work- and it is this industriousness that has helped bring her her current success.

Her clients have included Cirque le Soir, Nokia, London Fashion Week, Models of Diversity, Charlotte Church, Alice Cooper’s Halloween Night of Fear, Girls Roc and The World Bodypainting Festival among many others, as well as private commissions that are undertaken with great care, attention to detail and patience. She uses bodypainting as a way of empowering the human spirit, giving the person painted a new found confidence that can be life changing.





Victoria Gugenheim has a long list of credits, and below is far from comprehensive.
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World Firsts:

World’s First Group Bodypainting captured by groundcam and drone

World’s First 3D UV Bodypaint captured in linear and 360 spherical camera

Photo Awards:
Viewbug Award: 5 x top choice
4 x superb composition

4 x outstanding creativity

1 x absolute masterpiece award

1 x peer award

1 x all star award

Staff Winter Selection 2015

Outstanding Photo, November 2015

Member Selection Award, 2017

Photo Trifecta, Top 20 Class, Week 1



MAKEUP DESIGNER/BODYPAINTER: London Science Museum, Frankenstein 2.0


MAKEUP DESIGNER/MAKEUP ARTIST: Kate Smurthwaite’s “Clit Stirrer” International comedy show



DONOR ARTIST, SPEAKER: Kids for Kids Ambassador’s Ball

DIRECTOR: National Face and Bodypainter’s Day

DOCUMENTARY: Portrait of a Bodypainter (Self)



MAKEUP DESIGNER: Rockville 2069 The Musical

ARTIST: Arts Against Abuse


DIRECTOR: National Face and Bodypainter’s Day

AWARD: Member Selection Award, 2017, Viewbug

BODYPAINTER: Olympic world champions, Douglas Fordyce and Edward Upcott

MAKEUP ARTIST: Crossing over, world premiere released 6-8-2017


WORLD FIRST: World’s first group bodypainting captured by groundcam and drone for the Global Secular Humanist Conference
JUDGE: Gibraltar Face and Bodypainting Festival, April 2017

RESIDENT ARTIST AND JUDGE: Gibraltar Face and Bodypainting Festival

DEMO ARTIST: Gibraltar Face and Bodypainting Festival, April 2017
Crossing Over (Feature Film- Makeup Artist)- Makeup Artist

DEMO ARTIST: IMATS, Sponsored by Makeup Artist Magazine, IMATS and Cameleon Bodypaint
TG Events: (Team leader and makeup artist: makeup and bodypainting division)
TG Events: Fireproof makeup artist
IMAGINARIUM: Post human masquerade ball (3D Bodypainter)
SFX ARTIST AND BODYPAINTER: Martins|Gugenheim|Knuckles|Vivid Angel

CONSULTANT: The Bizarre Fetish Handbook 1 & 2 Channel 4

EXHIBITION: Contemporary Beasts: Collaboration with Saatchi Artist Iva Troj, Brighton (Bodypainter, Digital Artist,Photographer and model)

CONSULTANT AND BODYPAINTER: The Superhuman Body Handbook, Channel 4: Unnerved.  Created and released for Rio Paralympics 2016, creating a 3D UV bespoke piece on award winning one armed pole dancer, Deb Roach of Extraordinary Bodies


WINNER: Best Costume (and 3D UV Bodypaint) Mr Pole Fitness 2015
JUDGE: Warpaint Bodypainting Competition (Feb 2015)
JUDGE: Paintopia Bodypainting Festival (May 2015)
DEMO ARTIST: Paintopia Bodypainting festival
FEATURE: Warpaint Magazine (Feb 2015)- Queen Victoria
PUBLISHED: Flamingo by Caitlin Kight:
WORLD FIRST: ADVENTURION 3D 360 World’s first 3D UV Bodypainting Captured in 360 and Linear Camera. (Jan 2014)
SHOOT: Imaginarium- PUNK for Imaginarium, London
SHOOT: Crossfaith: We Are The Future, Featuring Olivia Harriet Smith. Featured on DVD and Live stageshow.

Bodypainted Lawrence Krauss, author of The Physics of Star Trek and A Universe From Nothingl Co-Star of The Unbelievers featuring Richard Dawkins
Featured in The Guardian Science here:
Featured in Tportal Croatia here (translates to Beauty and Brains, Bodyart as You’ve Never Seen it) :
Featured on i09:

Featured on ABC Australia, Adam Hills Tonight here:

World Bodypainting Association
World Photography Organisation
World Bodypainting Academy

Founder: Art Beyond Borders: Organization for Arts and Sciences
Founder: National Face and Bodypainter’s Day UK

Founder: Atheist Artist Alliance

Founder: World Blacklight Day (March 31st)

World Bodypainting Competition, UV Award:
11th Place 2010
8th Place 2011
3rd Place, Bronze Trophy Winner, 2012, with Wolf Riecherter
Instructor for The World Bodypainting Festival 2012 (Health and Safety)

World Ranking Makeup Artist, 2015

Winner: Mr Pole Fitness 2015 UK, Best Costume 2015

2014: Makeup Artist UV effects, Charlotte Church’s Entanglement Documentary
Mechanics and robotics Instructor, World Bodypainting Academy
Fantasy Bodypainting Instructor, World Bodypainting Academy
Angle Grinder: World Bodypainting Festival Fashion Show
Founder: Art Beyond Borders: Mixing Art with Science
Avante Garde, Trompe L’oeil and Fine Art Bodypainting Instructor
Cirque Le Soir- Trompe L’oeil and Fine Art Bodypainting, Resident artist, 1wk
Guest Bodypainter and Performer, Surreal Ballroom, World Bodypainting Festival

2013: Makeup artist, makeup tutor and Kallulian Kyln Prisoner: Guardians of the Galaxy
Own Makeup, Styling, Part: Pride the movie
Satyr Bodypainting, Private Mansion Event
Guest Lecturer and Artist, Ancestor’s Trail, event funded by The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
Architectural Association Private Party
Featured in The Smithsonian Magazine feature on The Ancestor’s Trail
Sponsored by Cameleon Bodypaint:
ANA Kostina Fashion Art & Al Overdrive Photoshoot (MUA):

Alice Cooper’s Halloween Night of Fear (DVD Release 2010- SFX Makeup)
Alice Cooper’s Halloween Night of Fear 2011 (DVD Release- SFX makeup, Stage makeup for opening act, optical illusion gory face painting and press release)

Black Eyed Peas Album Launch Party (Bodypainter) 2010

PH4 Secret Elite (Model, Bodypainter) 2010

Cirque Du Soir (Concept Artist, Bodypainter) 2010, 2015

UV World Awards Contestant 11th Place World Bodypainting Festival 2010, 8th Place 2011

FARBKRIEGER, Body Art Fashion show (Bodypainter, Costume Designer, Prosthetics Designer, Performer) 2011
Poster Girl/Own Makeup for The World Bodypainting Festival (MUA, Photographer, Post Producer) 2011

Colour Nomad, Body Art Fashion 2012 (Bodypainter, Performer, Accessories Designer)

Circa Burlesque (Performer, Bodypainter) 2010

Circa Extreme (Performer, Bodypainter) 2010

Circa Cabaret (Performer, Bodypainter) 2010

Club Antichrist (SFX, Performer) 2010

Alice Cooper’s Britain’s Got Freaks, Sky One. (Makeup Artist) 2010

RoboSteel/Man Of Steel (Concept Artist, Bodypainter) 2011

Wolf’s Bodymagic, King of UV (Co- Bodypainter) 2009-2012

Take Heart, Kensington Roof Gardens (Bodypainter) 2012

Sensity (Bodypainter and MUA) 2012

O2 (Bodypainter) 2011

Nokia (Co-Bodypainter) 2011

NHS Blood Donation Campaign (Co-Bodypainter) 2012

UVatar Experience (Bodypainter, Photographer) 2011

White Mischief (Bodypainter) 2010

Andro Ovesny (Bodypainter) 2010

Maximas Von Bracey (MUA and Photography) 2010

Filament Magazine (MUA and Photographer) 2010

London Fashion Week, Stylo International (Bodypainter) 2010

Club Rub (Bodypainter, Performer, Prop Designer, Choreographer) 2010

Stanmere House (Bodypainter and Assistant for 7 days) 2011

NOKIA: 700 Smartphone Launch, London Bridge, Jeans Painting (Bodypainter) 2011

Body Circus, The Surreal Ballroom for The World Bodypainting Festival: Guest Bodypainter

Invited Artist: Koh Samui International Bodypainting Festival
Invited Artist: Stockholm International Bodypainting Festival, Sweden

Indie Films:

Barry The Demon Hunter (Model, Actor, MUA)

The Krampus (SFX, Wardrobe, Styling, Makeup, Consultancy)

Learning Hebrew (MUA, Bodypainter, Actor) now on Amazon Prime

Theatre Productions:

The Dunwich Horror, The Courtyard, London (Makeup Consultant, Promo Bodypainter and SFX Artist)

The Fuel Girls- Bodypainting at Stylo International, for London Fashion Week

Clickz Magazine, UK/Europe/USA
Filament, UK Magazine
Body Art Fashion, Expression in the spotlight, Karala B(Art Director of The World Bodypainting Festival
Re/Vision On
Bizarre Magazine (MUA for the X-treme Factor)
The Metro (MUA for Britains Got Freaks, Makeup Featured)
Alexandra Palace Online-Alice Cooper’s Halloween Night of Fear (Featured with bodypainted model)
Femina Magazine- “The Escapades of Lady Ganga” (Bodypainter and some styling)
Queen Victoria- Warpaint Magazine 2015

The Guardian/Independent Olympic Blood Donation Campaign

Gibraltar Chronicle: Featured and interviewed bodypainter and makeup artist



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