Freedom festival: DeBalie 2019

Victoria is delighted to announce that she has been invited as a keynote protest artist with the interactive piece, #99RedBalloons, to this historic event, championing freedom of thought and expression. Featuring 50 artists and important activists from over 30 countries, DeBalie is an historic conference for activists across the planet, and takes place at DeBalie, Netherlands from 31st August - 1st September.

Tickets available here.

The festival Celebrating Dissent honours freedom: freedom to think differently, freedom not to believe and freedom to be yourself.

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Full Schedule Breakdown Below:

This interview marathon offers an in-depth and intimate conversation with some of the keynote speakers of Celebrating Dissent. They share their personal stories. What drives them in their professional lives and how are they trying to make a difference through their work? 

All of the speakers have made huge sacrifices in order to live their lives according to their own ideals. Their believes have cost them their personal safety and the possibility to live in the country where they were born. Nonetheless, they continue their fight against oppression, for equal rights and women’s rights. 

Every hour one speaker will be interviewed by a programmemaker of De Balie. During the marathon it is possible to stretch your legs and walk in and out. Guests are invited to bring food and drinks from De Balie’s restaurant to the interviews.


Inna Shevchenko is the leader of FEMEN, topless activists against various manifestations of patriarchy, including dictatorship, religion, and the sex industry. She was kidnapped and threatened by the Belarus KGB in 2011 and was given political asylum in France. During her speech on 14 February 2015 a terrorist opened fire in the lobby of where the debate took place. Surviving the attack, Shevchenko later said, “Liberal voices should be louder than Kalashnikovs”.

Maryam Namazie is an Iranian-born writer and activist. She is the Spokesperson for Fitnah – Movement for Women’s Liberation, One Law for All and the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain. The Islamic regime of Iran’s media outlets has called Namazie ‘immoral and corrupt’ and she has been barred and no platformed for speaking out against Islam and Islamism and defending the right to apostasy and blasphemy.

Taslima Nasrin is an award-winning writer, physician, and activist, known for her powerful writings on women oppression and unflinching criticism of religion, despite forced exile and multiple fatwas calling for her death.

Zineb El Rhazoui is a Moroccan-born French journalist. She used to be a journalist of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, where she was absent on the day of the murderous attack. After that she became the most protected woman in France. She is a passionate critic of Islam and a prominent secularist.

Saif-Ul-Malook is Asia Bibi’s lawyer. Asia Bibi, a Christian woman, was on death row for eight years accused of blasphemy after a quarrel with Muslim neighbours. Saif ul-Malook successfully defended Ms Bibi and she was released on appeal in 2018. After her release, he received death threats and had to flee.

31 AUGUST 2019

11:00: A Conversation on Women’s Dissent with Inna Shevchenko, Maryam Namazie, Taslima Nasrin and Zineb El Razoui. Music by Shelley Segal. Keynote interactive Protest Art by Victoria Gugenheim.

14:00: Touching the Holy Subject with Nadia El Fani, Saif Ul Malook and Sarah Haider. Music by Veedu Vidz.

16:00: Comedy, the Sacred and Islamophobia with Shabana Rehman, Ali Rizvi and Armin Nabavi.

19:00: Separation of Religion from the State with Afsana Lachaux, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Elżbieta Podleśna, Homa Arjomand and Marieme Helie Lucas.

21:00: Women against Gods with Gita Sahgal, Houzan Mahmoud, Ibtissame Betty Lachgar, Mineke Schipper and Rana Ahmad. Performance by Atoosa Farahmand.


10:00: Film Screening Neither Allah Nor Master by Nadia El Fani followed by a conversation with Hind Bariaz, Ismail Mohamed, Karrar Al Asfoor, Wissam Charafeddine and Zara Kay.

12:00: Film Screening No Longer without You by Nazmiyeh Oral followed by a conversation with Cemal Knudsen Yucel, Fauzia Ilyas, Mimzy Vidz, Omar Makram, Rishvin Ismath, Sohail Ahmad and Zehra Pala.

16:00: On Identity with Kenan Malik, Harris Sultan, Jimmy Bangash, Rahila Gupta and Yasmin Rehman. Poetry by Halima Salat.

20:00: Between Islamists and the Alt-Right with Halima Salat, Maryam Namazie, Mohamed Hisham, Muhammed Syed, Rishvin Ismath, Sadia Hameed and Sami Abdallah. Music by Shelley Segal.

There will also be artwork by Mahshad Afshar and Jenny Wenhammar.

The official logo of DeBalie’s Freedom of Expression festival. Get tickets  here .

The official logo of DeBalie’s Freedom of Expression festival. Get tickets here.

Gugenheim on Channel 4- The Superhuman Body Handbook

“I’ve never felt so sexy, powerful, unique!” - Deb Roach

Due to popular demand, Victoria has released the trailer for the Superhuman Body Handbook paint here, which was the world’s first 3D UV Paint on a disabled champion poledancer.

You can see more of this episode as part of the groundbreaking Rio Paralympics special over on the All4 website, as part of their series on unique and powerful bodies that defy disability stereotypes.

Deb Roach is a world champion pole dancer and member of Extraordinary Bodies, with a difference; she was born without most of her left arm, but that doesn’t hold her back. Through careful guidance and attention to detail, Victoria paints a 3D UV bodypaint piece on her as a way to empower her spirit, give her immense confidence, and also, to create something uniquely beautiful, while taking her out of her comfort zone. Through each brushstroke, more about Deb’s dynamic nature is revealed, the bodypaint being specifically tailored to Roach’s needs- her love of triangles, dynamic, strong shapes and strokes that embody movement are all included to make this beautiful piece a one of a kind experience.

After the 3D makeup was applied, Deb really started coming to life, reveling in the paint.

Artworks like this are some of Victoria’s favourites and are the most rewarding. After creating the piece, Deb Roach was seen running about the London Dance Academy shouting “I don’t want to take (the paint) off!”

To inquire about paints for Film and TV, you’re welcome to use the Experience Gugenheim form. If your inquiry is urgent, please send your inquiry to

Deb roach has been featured across the globe from The International Pole Championships, to Barcroft TV. You can follow Deb Roach’s work here.

Filmed at the London Dance Academy,

See the entire video over on Channel 4

Sponsored by Cameleon Bodypaint

Victoria’s #99 Red Balloons Art Installation Goes on Tour

First Stop, DeBalie, Netherlands (More information on this brilliant event in our next post).

The plight of atheists and apostates increasingly seems dire. Here, at one of the world’s best free thought conferences among superstar of the field. Gugenheim takes #99 red balloons on tour, in solidarity with persecuted atheists and apostates; each balloon representing an atheist who has been imprisoned, punished or killed, simply for their non beliefs. It shows the immediacy of that horror - that person has a name, a family even, and the audience symbolically, has their life in their hands.

A powerful and moving piece, #99 red balloons is set to raise money for both atheist and secular organisations alike to help fund vital activism so these people can be protected, while raising awareness of both the horrors of their imprisonment and maltreatment.

This piece will also be filmed as part of Victoria’s residency with One Law for All

Tour coming to: Netherlands//Berlin//LA

Ticket availability will be coming to the both the exhibition and news sections in due course- stay tuned.

CASTING: Immortal Enemies Exhibition

World Award Winning Bodypainter and World Ranking makeup artist Victoria Gugenheim is looking for breast cancer survivors, their allies and their friends to take part in bodypainting shoots and live art to raise funds for multiple breast cancer charities.

Check the downloadable casting pack below, and e-mail to be considered

Gugenheim Stars in Documentary: Portrait of a Bodypainter

Created by rising star David Addis, This documentary shows Victoria’s passion for the art subject, worldview, how one can create their own work, and much more.

Created for the series Portrait of a Bodypainter, this goes far beyond a documentary on bodypainting, delving behind the scenes and into Victoria’s mind.

The bodypaint itself was created in just two hours, with no airbrushes or stencils used.

In episode 4 I speak to Victoria Gugenheim, a world award winning bodypainter, fine artist, activist and sciartist. She does a speed bodypaint in 2 hours and discusses the finer details of bringing attention to social issues through art. Filmed at the Riverside Building in Hammersmith, London.
The beautfiul isabela strikes a pose in her fashion inspired 2 hour speed bodypaint, created by Victoria Gugenheim.  Photo: David Addis

The beautfiul isabela strikes a pose in her fashion inspired 2 hour speed bodypaint, created by Victoria Gugenheim.

Photo: David Addis

Gugenheim Joins International Bodypainter Filippo Ioco for PINK London

PINK London is a fantastic fundraising event, part Body Art exhibition, part cocktail party, auction, and everything inbetween created by Ioco Benefits , a venture that work alongside the Pink Ribbon Foundation created by the Face Off guest judge, Filippo Ioco, to raise funds for breast cancer charities. At this star studded event including a multitude of  X Factor celebrities, Victoria was a copainter for the entire evening, helping to create the iconic pink ladies featured accross Europe at every PINK party and more. The event was generously sponsored by Flamingo Candles at the chic Bar Zebrano and all proceeds raised go straight to the charities that need it. Now returning to London for its 4th year, Victoria is set to paint alongside the inimitable Filippo Ioco once more. 

As ever, Victoria is sponsored by Cameleon Paint. Let's paint the world Cameleon! 


Gugenheim is coming to The London Science Museum

Gugenheim is coming to The London Science Museum

Gugenheim is coming to the London Science Museum...and this time, she's recreating Frankenstein.

National Face and Bodypainter's Day

National Face and Bodypainter's Day

National Face and Bodypainter's Day 2017 is starting a movement.

Victoria Creates #99RedBalloons in Solidarity with Perseucuted Atheists at International Secular Humanist Conference

#99RedBalloons was a Protest art installation standing in solidarity with persecuted atheists and blasphemers from across the globe, involving notable atheists including David Silverman of American Atheists.

The first of her protest installations, Victoria Gugenheim wants to carry on making bigger and bolder works of art in solidarity with those persecuted simply for nonbelief.

Each blood red balloon in the installation had the name of an atheist who had been persecuted or killed simply for their nonbelief, along with their reason for conviction and death or persecution date; akin to a toe tag on a cadaver.

The meaning of this was to bring an immediacy to the fact that atheists are persecuted, punished, taken away from their families, and killed accross the world, notably in Islamic states. But when a problem happens overseas, it's all too easy for people to see the problem as problem "over there". When one is holding something linking them to the event, it creates an immediacy; evidenced by one of the attendees breaking down crying at the "power of the protest". Another ended up holding a balloon with the tag of his friend on it: he found out on that night, that his friend had been assassinated.

Victoria believes that these pieces of work are vital in creating empathy and solidarity with those suffering under oppressive regimes, and that they encourage others to take action in fighting for the rights of people to not believe in any religion, with much more of her works coming up relating to this.

See her personal account of the work over on her instagram.

Watch the video here, or check out the photo's of the event below.

Gugenheim made world's 1st Bodypainter turned keynote speaker at Atheist conference.


Victoria Gugenheim has been made the World's 1st Bodypainter to ever become a keynote speaker at any atheist event at The International Secular Humanist Conference. This historic event will feature over 70 speakers and freethinkers from around the planet, coming together to discuss freedom of expression, apostasy, blasphemy, freethought and more. Along with this, she became the resident artist, photographer, graphic artist, and chair, chairing the panel between Richard Dawkins, A.C Grayling, Benjamin David, Sarah Haider and Mazen Abou Hamdan of Freethought Lebanon. Panels and interviews from the conference will be coming soon.


Promo created by Victoria Gugenheim for The International Secular Humanist Conference. A full breakdown of the speakers used in making of it coming soon.

Promo created by Victoria Gugenheim for The International Secular Humanist Conference. A full breakdown of the speakers used in making of it coming soon.

Gugenheim Takes Triple Residency


Gugenheim Takes Triple Residency

Victoria Gugenheim has been made the resident Artist of CEMB, One Law For All, and The International Secular Humanist Conference. Her artwork has now extends to public protest art, body art en masse, and much more.




New Exhibitions Set until 2021



International exhibitions and tours are now set until 2021, with new artworks and projects being announced regularly. Check the exhibitions page for further details.

"The Protector" - A piece reinvisioning the idea of Kali as a maternal superhero, patrolling the streets of Manhattan at night. Special Thanks: Garou Graphics

"The Protector" - A piece reinvisioning the idea of Kali as a maternal superhero, patrolling the streets of Manhattan at night.
Special Thanks: Garou Graphics

Gugenheim Made Resident Judge of Gibraltar Face and Bodypainting Festival


Victoria is now the resident judge, public demo artist and masterclass runner of The Gibraltar Bodypainting Festival, and a member of the Gibraltar Bodypainting Association. After a resounding success in 2017, Victoria is excited at what this new residency can achieve in partnership with the Gibraltar Cultural Association.




You can check out Gibraltar's annual face and bodypainting festival  here

You can check out Gibraltar's annual face and bodypainting festival here