Gugenheim on Channel 4- The Superhuman Body Handbook

“I’ve never felt so sexy, powerful, unique!” - Deb Roach

Due to popular demand, Victoria has released the trailer for the Superhuman Body Handbook paint here, which was the world’s first 3D UV Paint on a disabled champion poledancer.

You can see more of this episode as part of the groundbreaking Rio Paralympics special over on the All4 website, as part of their series on unique and powerful bodies that defy disability stereotypes.

Deb Roach is a world champion pole dancer and member of Extraordinary Bodies, with a difference; she was born without most of her left arm, but that doesn’t hold her back. Through careful guidance and attention to detail, Victoria paints a 3D UV bodypaint piece on her as a way to empower her spirit, give her immense confidence, and also, to create something uniquely beautiful, while taking her out of her comfort zone. Through each brushstroke, more about Deb’s dynamic nature is revealed, the bodypaint being specifically tailored to Roach’s needs- her love of triangles, dynamic, strong shapes and strokes that embody movement are all included to make this beautiful piece a one of a kind experience.

After the 3D makeup was applied, Deb really started coming to life, reveling in the paint.

Artworks like this are some of Victoria’s favourites and are the most rewarding. After creating the piece, Deb Roach was seen running about the London Dance Academy shouting “I don’t want to take (the paint) off!”

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Deb roach has been featured across the globe from The International Pole Championships, to Barcroft TV. You can follow Deb Roach’s work here.

Filmed at the London Dance Academy,

See the entire video over on Channel 4

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Gugenheim Stars in Documentary: Portrait of a Bodypainter

Created by rising star David Addis, This documentary shows Victoria’s passion for the art subject, worldview, how one can create their own work, and much more.

Created for the series Portrait of a Bodypainter, this goes far beyond a documentary on bodypainting, delving behind the scenes and into Victoria’s mind.

The bodypaint itself was created in just two hours, with no airbrushes or stencils used.

In episode 4 I speak to Victoria Gugenheim, a world award winning bodypainter, fine artist, activist and sciartist. She does a speed bodypaint in 2 hours and discusses the finer details of bringing attention to social issues through art. Filmed at the Riverside Building in Hammersmith, London.
The beautfiul isabela strikes a pose in her fashion inspired 2 hour speed bodypaint, created by Victoria Gugenheim.  Photo: David Addis

The beautfiul isabela strikes a pose in her fashion inspired 2 hour speed bodypaint, created by Victoria Gugenheim.

Photo: David Addis